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Pride Bead Necklace

Pride Bead Necklace

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A single pride bead threaded onto a 2mm stainless steel snake chain measuring at 19 inches. If you would like more than one bead on your necklace, please see the Pride Beads Add On. Need a substitute for the stainless steel chain? Email me at and I'll be more than happy to help find you an accommodation.


Intersex Pride: 7mm x 6mm

LGBTQ+ Pride: 11mm x 6mm

Lesbian Pride: 7mm x 6mm

Bisexual Pride: 7mm x 6mm

Pansexual Pride: 8.5mm x 6mm

Transgender Pride: 7mm x 6mm

Non-binary Pride: 11mm x 6mm

Agender Pride: 9.5mm x 6mm

Genderfluid Pride: 7mm x 6mm

Genderqueer Pride: 8.5mm x 6mm

Asexual Pride: 10.5mm x 6mm

Aromantic Pride: 7mm x 6mm



This Item is made to order and ships out within 7 business days from the time the order is placed.

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