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Pride Beads

Pride Beads

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A single pride bead with a 2.5mm diameter hole. If youd like this bead added to your Pride Bead Necklace, please choose the "Add On" option and be sure to check it out in the same cart as your necklace. Choose "Single Bead" if you'd like to purchase the beads individually without a chain.


Intersex Pride: 7mm x 6mm

LGBTQ+ Pride: 11mm x 6mm

Lesbian Pride: 7mm x 6mm

Bisexual Pride: 7mm x 6mm

Pansexual Pride: 8.5mm x 6mm

Transgender Pride: 7mm x 6mm

Non-binary Pride: 11mm x 6mm

Agender Pride: 9.5mm x 6mm

Genderfluid Pride: 7mm x 6mm

Genderqueer Pride: 8.5mm x 6mm

Asexual Pride: 10.5mm x 6mm

Aromantic Pride: 7mm x 6mm


This Item is made to order and ships out within 7 business days from the time the order is placed.

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